Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sleepy Time.......

I LOVE sleeping pictures of my kids. They always look so peaceful and cute.
Or do they?
Avery has started potty training and it must be too much for her.
Poor little Peanut couldn't even finish her last few bites of lunch.
Here is a little video of Tink asleep on her potty. The Ostertag family was over for games and Kaitlyn was trying to talk to Avery and then told us, "Avery isn't answering me.... I think she is asleep." She was right! It was hilarious. Poor thing. She is trying so hard with the potty thing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Messy Face................

Spaghetti is one of our favorite meals and one of our favorites to see the damage Ashlyn does. She eats more than her brother and sister when this is the meal. She LOVES it and I think you can tell by the pictures. It could be a pain to clean up but how could you just not love this face?

She is so proud of her mess!
This is her "ALL DONE"
We love your little messy face Peanut.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas..... I'm gonna give you my HEART

This was Cooper's first REAL school performance and we were so proud of him. I thought he was the cutest little present ever! I can't wait to see many more performances from our children. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

They're Coming Your Way

We had to start packing some of the tubs because the team was graciously going to take some stuff back for us! Avery was so excited that she started dancing on the table when we would try something on her to see if it fit or not.
We will have to work on the modeling poses later.
This is one of my favorite pics. She looks so sweet and innocent ;)
But hope you are ready Baga and Nana because we are sending them to you. They are in the tubs and ready to go. As Cooper always says, "I wanna go to Tennessee."
They really thought we were going to let this happen. Can you tell how excited they were? They seriously DID NOT want to get out of there.
They might not be coming back with the team but we will see you all in about 7 months!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girls Can Get Dirty Too

Well.......... I don't know if Peanut gets dirty but she can EAT dirt!

After the dirt it was time for a "bath". Bathtubs are not very common here in Mexico so the majority of houses do not have them. Don't worry, we do have showers ;) But Peanut's "bath" is taken in the sink!
She LOVES it. She could sit and splash for at least an hour.
Coo and Tink also enjoy coming over to watch her and ask over and over if they can also get in there. I think Coo might be a little too big though. He is really looking forward to TN so he can get in a big tub.
Peanut is just like her Baga. Notice her sippy cup is close by? Her and Baga can't go long without some nice cold beverage. Baga is one up on her though when she has two cups. One for coffee and one for water!
So Peanut, how did the dirt taste?
I LOVE capturing the sweet moments like this that you can so easily just forget about later in life. We love you little Peanut even when you eat dirt :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The New Love........

.......... for PURSES!
Nana bought Avery a little Hello Kitty purse and a cute little purse with an A on it for "Avery" as she always says.
Every time we leave the house she has to hurry and grab one of her purses and stick as many little toys as she can in it.
Can you tell she loves it so much she is trying to hug her purse?
She is definitely turning in to our girlie girl. Thanks Nana for giving her a NEW love ;)
I am sure Avery will be asking Avery for more purses down the road to fulfill her new love of girlie things!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Day of Play

One Saturday morning Darin decided to get the jump ropes out for the kids. It seriously is a favorite for all the kids here. At ministry we always try to play games but the kids are always just looking forward to jumping rope. So we wanted to try and show Cooper how to do it. The girls were trying to cheer him on!
Cute little Peanut!
Our sweet little Tinker Binker!
Just one of the many faces of Tink.
As you can tell the jumping rope turned into a tug of war.
You know Darin can't let him win though. :)
After the tug of war Darin decided to just tie the kids up. We enjoyed a nice lunch out while they were tied up. Just kidding!
Is she not the cutest little Peanut?
Sorry, I know these two are a lot alike but I just LOVED both of them. Her eyes are so beautiful.
I wanted some ice cream so me and the kids decided to tie Daddy up so we could go and get some :)
Darin doesn't pass up ice cream though so he broke free and then tied the kids in the chair.
Pretty Tink didn't mind being tied up at all.
Another face of Tinker Binker! She was using swim goggles as her purse, crazy girl!
Finally, Cooper started trying to jumprope. He even DID IT!
Not sure if he got his leg high enough on this one though :) What do you think?
Peanut couldn't handle all the excitement so she decided to go in, read a book and take a little cat nap.
One of my favorite things is having "Family Time"
Thank you LORD for my sweet family you have blessed me with!